Friday, 1 November 2013

Life Is Good

This is the focus of our life at the moment.  We have both got to the stage of becoming such fatty boombas that everything was becoming that bit more difficult and we were both uncomfortable.  From past experience we find that calorie counting and writing everything that passes our lips down is the way to go.  You can't cheat and it confronts you into eating better.  It's going really well, we have both lost a few kilos and we are getting fitter since we started walking five times a week at the crack of dawn.
This iPad app has been terrific, we take it on our walks and it maps the route using GPS, and tells us all sorts of interesting stuff like distance, time, speed, elevation and calories.  It's funny, we thought we were getting plenty of exercise by simply working around our property but obviously it is not the right kind of exercise to keep fit and lose weight because the difference in our fitness since we started walking is phenomenal!

Hence we have seen more of our local area in the last few weeks than we have done since we moved down here.  Sometimes not intentionally.  We took ourselves off for a forest road walk in West Cape Howe National Park and there was a tantalising little bush track that just had to be investigated.  Then there was a choice of two tracks further on, and before we knew it we were trekking across the open scrubland in the wilds of West Cape Howe.  We found this lake!  Lake William apparently.  Anyway, our 2km walk ended up becoming a 7km epic, we are so proud.  The iPad GPS came in handy to tell us where we were.
Dawn at the beach is rather lovely for walking and I've been taking some photos too.  Isn't the light interesting.  This is Cosy Corner.
 Cosy Corner
 Shelley Beach West Cape Howe
We have also been really busy the past few weeks doing the big property clean-up and bonfires, reducing the fuel load before the fire bans coming in next week.  You have to time it right, if you do it too early before the huge influx of growth then you end up having to do almost as much work again a couple of weeks later.  It always amazes me how growth of plants just explodes this time of year, you can almost see the grass growing before your eyes.  So, after much slashing, mowing, whipper snipping and burning, it is looking quite spiffy around here. 
This piece of forest below is an area that Steve worked hard on, we could never see the beautiful trunk of that old red gum before as there was a mass of twiggy peppermints trees and various scraggy scrub in front.  Steve got to work with his chain saw and we are well pleased with the result. 
The kangaroos have been loving the onset of the warm weather, lolling around being total slackers.  They like lying on the newly mown grass, and often don't move for hours.  They are all scratching like mad, I think they are all losing their thick winter coats and I'm sure there is the odd flea!
On a final note, look what my clever husband made me, a stand for my embroidery hoop, thank you darling x.  It will be so useful, with a lot of embroidery you need to have a hand above and a hand below the hoop to stitch, and up to now I rest one side of the hoop on a table and the other half on me, specifically on my fat tummy.  However, I have discovered that as the fat tummy decreases in size from said diet, my hoop keeps slipping off!  Ha!   :-)

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