Friday, 6 March 2015

Colourful Catch

We ended up with 14 lovely millimetres of rain last week, saving us from watering for a few days and topping the tanks up a wee bit.  And there is a pleasing green tinge to the ground where a few grass tips are showing themselves, much to the delight of the roos. We have suddenly had about forty pink and grey galahs descend on our place too, they are feeding on something on the ground, not sure what.  Oddly and goodly they don't spend time in any of our trees, they are either on the ground or up in the tall tall marris.  Much better behaved than those conniving green parrots!
 Paul came down for a few day's holiday with us, was great to see you! xx  :-) 
Paul and Steve had a great fishing expedition in the secret spot (could tell you but would have to kill you) near Shelley Beach.  It is quite a climb but worthwhile apparently as it is sheltered, safe, beautiful, and generally there are fish around.  We had Blackfish, Leopard Cod and Harlequin fish for dinner, and Neo dined on Buff Bream, Leatherjacket and Wrass.  Everyone was satisfied.  :-)
After a hard day's fishing it was down to the important stuff, watching each other play Call Of Duty on XBox, sharing each other's secrets and strategies. 
Meanwhile I picked the first of my eight big pumpkins.  This one is a Queensland Blue, about five kilos.  I only used a quarter of it to make a double batch of soup!  We will be eating pumpkin for a long time to come!
And I used up some of the tomato glut, making a bottle of pizza sauce.  The consistency turned out great, nice and thick, but I don't think I got the taste quite right.  It was nice but it was more like a pasta sauce than a pizza sauce, perhaps I went overboard with the herbs?  Paul made a batch of pizza dough so we had homemade pizzas one night, with his terrific pizza bases and my not quite right sauce, and sprinklings of cheese, salami, bacon, mushroom, tomato and olives.  Yummity yum.
It was Steve's birthday yesterday, so a chocolate cake was in order.  With caramel icing.  Alas the tube of writing jelly stuff I had was yellow, much like the icing colour, so you will just have to believe me that it is scribed Happy Birthday Steve.  :-)

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