Sunday, 12 April 2015

No Photos Of Castle Rock

We have had the pleasure of the company of Michelle and Michael staying this week.  We've been out and about taking in the sights.  This photo is taken at the Walpole TreeTop Walk, part of our 'to the west' day out.  We also wandered around Denmark then had lunch at Boston Brewery (I think we need a frequent customer discount card ha ha).
 We wandered atop the cliffs of Shelley Beach, beach walked at Cosy Corner, attempted the climb at Castle Rock in the Porongurups (Steve stayed home, Michelle and I made it halfway up, and Michael power-walked to the top and made it make in half the expected time!).  Steve and I are about to hit another diet and exercise regime starting this week, so Castle Rock will be an aim in a month or so, we are lighter and fitter.  :-)  And then I can provide photos!
 We scattered Steve's dad's ashes at the top of the cliffs over Shelley Beach, in a little place near Steve's favourite fishing spot. It seems the perfect place.
 I have purloined many of Michelle's beautiful photos for this blog, thank you lovey.  Isn't this a beautiful photo of our Magic Faraway Tree.
Neo loves Michelle and Michael, thoroughly enjoying their company. He wandered the house meowing last night, I think he was looking for his new friends who had gone home.
We have had heaps of rain the last couple of days, and the birds are out in profusion.  For the first time ever I spotted a couple of shy Western Rosellas in my little back garden, tentatively checking out the lavender flowers.  Beautiful.
And on a totally random final note,  I made my batch of winter firestarters.  When we harvest sweetcorn, I strip the kernels from the cobs to freeze, and instead of throwing the cobs away, I dry them then cut them up.  I have a massive bag of tealight candles that I don't use, so I melt down a dozen then dribble the wax over the pieces of dried corn cobs.  They do a good enough job of staying alight to get our fire going quickly and I feel very virtuous using something that is considered rubbish.  In saying that, any spare cobs go to my composting worms, they love them!

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