Monday, 1 June 2015


We had the pleasure of the company of Steve's old workmate and good friend Tony for a few days.  Much laughter and reminiscing ensued, it was lovely to have you to stay Tony. 

The boys took themselves fishing (no boasting or tails were seen hanging out of buckets so we can safely assume nothing much was caught...), and yesterday we took ourselves into Albany where we met up with our good friends Anne and Ian, for the annual Albany Classic day of car racing around the town.  It is an event that has been run for many years, with vintage, classic, racing and other assorted vehicles proudly displaying shiny fenders and blackened tyres, a testament to the love these people have for their cars.  There were many different events and we wandered around to the various vantage points to enjoy the spectacle of these colourful vehicles tearing around the streets.

 There were vintage cars aplenty.
 There were classics.
 There was a Ferrari, surrounded by drooling men.
Amazing how barriers, flags and huge blocks of concrete that sprung up overnight transformed the normally sedate streets in the centre of town into a speedway!
 The uphill part of the race.
 Waiting for the start with the utmost concentration.
 And they're off!
 Taking the bend with ease. 
 Afterwards we all wandered down to Due South on the waterfront for a drink and some lunch.  Here are Tony, Steve (aka Grizzly Adams) and Ian enjoying a good sit down to ease their aching backs after all the slow walking around the town.  A nice beer and they are all smiles.
 And here are Anne and I catching up on the goss over a nice glass of SSB.
It was a great day out, even more so as we enjoyed it with the company of friends.


  1. Lovely to see you too, Dy and Steve! Anne

  2. But, no, I didn't say this at 2.48 AM!

    1. I believe you Anne :-)
      It was great to catch up, it was a fun day.