Monday, 15 June 2015

Who's A Big Five!

I popped up to Perth for a visit over the weekend, to catch up with family, and most importantly, to see a special little someone who is a great big FIVE years old!  Who could it be?

Little Miss Granddaughter Riley, that's who!  Here she is looking gorgeous with her pussy cat ears and fluffy vest.  And half of her great grandad in the background, sorry I chopped you off  dad!
 I made cupcakes.  Note to self, don't make thick, creamy icing again, it's too rich and overpowering.
 Here's Paul and his grandma busy in the kitchen, preparing our little party feast.
 Michelle and Stevie were busy with Stevie's new sticker book.
 Riley got busy with her new sticker book too.
 And here is her wonderful dad.
It was a lovely gathering, always great to see you all.  xxxx

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