Saturday, 19 September 2015

Of Glistening Webs

It was back to Perth again this week, to help out mum and dad while mum had her other cataract done, so she has two sparkly new eyes now and soon will be able to see better than all of us I reckon.  I made myself busy before heading to Perth harvesting celery and making soup to take with me for mum and dad.
This soup is proving to be a favourite amongst all I have fed it to.  Cream of Celery Soup, you wouldn't think it would be so nice, but it is, and it doesn't really taste like celery, it has an underlying mushroom flavour to it which is rather odd considering the only ingredients are onion, celery, potato, chicken stock and cream.  Anyway, yum!!
 I also made a huge batch of sausage rolls, meat and veg ones and spinach and ricotta ones, nothing nicer than homemade sausage rolls.  The spinach and ricotta ones were better this time, I added an extra egg which stiffened up the mixture so it stayed in shape more rather than oozing out.
 Michelle came to stay with us, she and I crossed over a day so she and Steve had a lovely daughter/father day out which I gather was very nice, would have to be as they lunched at Boston Brewery which is always good.  Neo was very sociable and consented to accompanying Michelle on the red chair.
 We all went to Boston Brewery again for lunch, yum, and we also went to Hybla, a newish place at Middleton Beach.  Very very nice, and very tastefully decorated.  It used to be the family home of the Lee Steere family, and the name Hybla is apparently that of one of Sir Ernest Lee Steere's racehorses.  Well worth a visit.
 We had a big drive around Denmark, visited the Denmark Cheese Factory at Duckett's Mill Winery and bought some delicious cheese.  We drove along the beautiful Mt Shadforth Road, stopping at the scenic lookout (Wilma, the one next to Hazel's parent's place).  As well as lovely scenery there is a paddock with the most beautiful collection of huge bulls, who serenely eyed us while I posed for a photo.
Michelle and I wandered around our place with our cameras, here is Michelle under our lovely Magic Faraway Tree.
 We found lots of sparkling spider webs, dew glistening on the silk.
 The kangaroos are enjoying the warmer weather and the sunshine.
 The orchard is exploding into life now that spring has arrived.  This is the early Angel peach, a flat, white fleshed variety.  Yum!
 The Flavortop nectarine is flowering like mad.
 The Sundowner apple is just budding up.
 I am so enjoying the spectacle of my clivea collection, and this year they are all flowering at once instead of sporadically.
 They are so vibrant and cheerful, and the flowers last for weeks.
 In the bush the wildflowers and shrubs and showing their colours.
 I am most pleased, I can announce that I have finished a project, completely finished it and using it!  I crocheted myself a bag, and lined it with some toile print fabric, adding a few little pockets inside.  I love it!
 It feels beautiful, it's made from organic cotton yarn which is tough yet soft.  And where the colour joins were a bit obvious, I crocheted a big flower and sewed it on.  Yay me! :-)

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