Monday, 28 December 2015

Happy Holidays

We have visitors!  Lots of lovely visitors.  Michelle and Michael, and Paul and Sam are here and it's great. :-)
 Everyone dumped their Chrissy presents under the tree until it looked like a warzone.  Lovely :-)
 We all had fun swapping gifts with each other, I think everyone enjoyed watching others open their chosen present, we were all very lucky with a stash of lovely things.  We had a Facetime with mum and dad in Perth, it was great to see faces and say thank yous for presents.  This is my favourite present, a handy little bag from mum in the most glorious colour.  It's been out and about a few times already, thanks mum! xx
 We did some cruising around Albany, seeing the sights.  Here are Steve and Paul up near the National Anzac Centre, we went up there to admire the views so Sam could take some photos.
 Here's Michelle with some the glorious view behind her.
 And Sam, moi and Paul.  When did I become such a shortarse?
 We had a great lunch at Due South in Albany, then the next day we had another great lunch at good ol' Boston Brewery.  Lovely.  :-)  I say lovely a lot don't I, but it has been!
 Yesterday morning we hit the beach, it was perfect, a light breeze, nice and warm, and we chose a quiet area that we virtually had to ourselves.  Here are the girls soaking up some rays with the boys fishing in the background.
Here is beach babe me.  I must say that I had a lovely time swimming and behaving like a small child jumping through the waves and attempting to body surf.  Good fun.
 And look what Paul came home with, a giant flathead!  He pulled that in on the first cast, lucky thing.  He and Sam had it for breakfast this morning and declared it delicious!
Paul took Sam home today as the poor girl has to go back to work tomorrow, we loved having you here Sam! xx
Paul is coming back down tomorrow, this time with our granddaughters, so lots more fun awaits!  :-)

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  1. Great fun Christmas Di and you sure got around a lot. Oh and BTW there are other words you could use instead of lovely, such as Fantastic! Wow! Super! Grand! I think I'd better stop now before I really embarrass myself :-)