Sunday, 31 July 2016

The Gap

This weekend we are blessed with the company of Sam and Paul :-)
We've had gale force winds and driving rain throughout the night and it's freezing cold.  There is a mega swell too, so despite the weather we dragged our visitors out for the morning, because when there's a big swell one has to visit The Gap!

I have no photos to do the power of The Gap justice, but when we pulled in to the car park, there was salt spray shooting 15 metres into the air, all over the cars.  And the wind!  We battled our way along the path, being buffered and saturated all the way, until we got to the new platform.  It is quite a sight, standing safely over the ferocious seas, watching the swell whoosh up the sides of the cliff face and straight up into the air.

Good job we were rugged up in our warmest clothes, it was freezing and we were wet!  But what fun! :-)

 Along the path past the Natural Bridge the seas were pounding the coast.
 The Salmon Holes were rough as well and we were pleased to see that no idiot fishermen were on the rocks, the swell was whooshing over the rocks and no-one would have stood a chance.
 We are home now, salt encrusted but dry and warm, it was a great morning!

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