Monday, 17 July 2017

Savage Seas and Majestic Beauty

It's been wet wet wet and cold cold cold, so not much has been happening to speak of.  I am permanently affixed to my chair near the window, ploughing through my obsession of finishing the crocheted blanket to adorn our bed.  Gosh it's been a long process, I started this at the end of March, but I've finished 33 of the 36 ten inch squares needed, so nearly there before starting the joining and the border.  The latest squares at the front of the photo, I really like these ones.
 This is my happy cat, Mr Grumpy, who does not approve of photography.  He has been enjoying the daily fire to keep the house warm, and on particularly cold days he likes to tuck himself up in a cuddly blanket on the settee.  But don't take his photo or he will sulk!
 He enjoys his bird tv in the mornings, through the glass of the sliding door.  He loves watching the wrens eating their breakfast coconut, and chatters at them constantly with the occasional pounce at the glass.  The birds don't give a hoot. These two are female Splendid wrens, they have the blue in their tails but their body feathers are brown.
 We had a week of visits from Mr Peacock next door for some reason.  He made good use of the patio when the rain came belting down.  :-)
Upon reading of a big swell, we took ourselves down to The Gap and Natural Bridge for a look, rugged up to the nines.  It is so exhilarating be blown to kingdom come, watching the savage surf pounding way up the cliffs, whilst safely on the path and behind a sturdy fence.
 This is the water off the far side of the Natural Bridge, it was ferocious. 
The Gap was fairly tame despite the rough seas, the swell was moving past The Gap rather than into it.  I was thrilled to see a small rainbow amid the spray and mist, rising above The Gap.  It is such a beautiful place.
We moved on to The Salmon Holes and admired it from the lookout way above.  We were pleased to see there were no idiots trying to fish, the big swell kept whooshing up the flat rocks and would have dragged anyone fool enough to be down there into the water.  Another place of majesty and beauty.
 We finally climbed the steps at Cosy Corner up to the cliff top, it's only taken us five years ha ha.  It's part of the Bibbulmun Track and we found a pretty trail atop the cliff.  We walked a little way along it, but will save it for another day as we had only dropped in quickly and had no water or wet weather gear with us, so unprepared for a long walk. 
The view from the cliff top was gorgeous, with Cosy Corner below, then Perkins Beach to the left, followed by Mutton Bird, then directly over the bay is SandPatch, which is where the windfarm is, you can just see the turbines over there in the distance. 
 An update on my little frogs, I am pleased to say that I have quite a few healthy little tadpoles living in the shallow dish I hid amongst the plants in my garden.  These were the tadpoles I rescued.  I haven't got a photo as they are shy and hide very well and impossible to see in a photo.  So, in conclusion, the tadpoles have to spend the first few weeks of their life out of water in their jelly, but when the jelly starts to degrade, then they are able to live in shallow water.  If they end up in water too soon then they die.  My observations continue :-) 

Well, I am being summoned by the magpies for some breakfast, so at this point I will say goodbye, until next time.  xx

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