Sunday, 29 May 2016

A Mouthful Of Fur

It's been a chilly week so the fire has been merrily burning every day.  Neo is in heaven.  Here he is in a heat-filled coma on the top of the bookshelf where all the warm air congregates.
Occasionally he seeks his heat source from me, and he has no regard whatsoever regarding the position of his arse or whether I can see what I am doing.  His coat is thick and luxurious now, keeping him warm.
The roos enjoy the odd bit of sunshine, congregating on the grass beyond the orchard, where they are protected from the cold wind.  They all posed prettily for me.
 Hello Lucy and Rabbit.
Now the clouds have built up there are moments of beauty as the sun fights to burst through, sending rays from heaven.
You can just see a glint of sun on Wilsons Inlet off in the distance, with the Denmark hills behind that.
I'm surprised how many flowers are still in my garden, considering how cold it's getting.  All very pretty and the little birds enjoy it.  This is the back garden just outside the back door.
And this is the front garden alongside the chookyard.
And here are the chooks and ducks.
The creek is still being glorious, gently and happily toodling on its way.  We have yet to have really heavy, continuous rain so I still don't know if it will be washed away, but there is plenty of room in the creek for water to build up so I shall remain confident.
This is walking from the bottom of the creek up.
And back down the creek again.
And from the start of my digging upstream down to the created little islands.  It will look even better when the plants and grass grow back.
On a final note, let it be know that my second sock is 2/3rds knitted! :-)


  1. Enjoyed the videos Dy. What a lot of work you have done! You have created your own little paradise. Well done.

    1. Thanks Stephanie. It's hard to believe sometimes that this was vacant land when we bought it.

  2. Beautiful, Wonderful... just fantastic! What a lot you have done in such little time, how long have you been down here now? Thanks for all those stories, I did enjoy :-)

    1. Thanks Pennie. We bought the land in early 2010, had the shed built and the driveway put in in that year, then we moved from Perth and into the shed in Feb 2012 while the house was built.