Sunday, 22 May 2016

Hydrologist Me

You know how I spent weeks and weeks digging out all the accumulated sand and silt in the lower end of the creek?  It was hard work but I really enjoyed it, planning how to persuade it to meander prettily and get water to hopefully sit in pools before escaping to the neighbour's property.  Every day we've been walking along the creek, waiting waiting waiting for it to start running.  Well, after 50 mm of rain over the last two days, we went for a walk in the freezing cold this morning, and I cocked my head, was that the sound of trickling water I could hear?  Yes it was, at last!
This is the uppermost section I dug out.
 Then down to branching sections, trying to make islands.
 Then it carries on down to Helga's bridge.  The water is revolving and muddy but it usually clears up nicely in a couple of days.
This pool although looking small and inconspicuous, is actually over half a metre deep.  OMG I am so happy to have pools!
There is plenty of room under Helga's bridge now as I deepened the creekbed and raised the bridge onto a higher bank, so hopefully the bridge wont float away this year. :-)
 Another new meandering channel.  It must have run this way years and years ago, as I found the creek bed when I was digging, it's obvious when you hit the old creek bed as it is hard and a bit stony, rather than all the soft sand that has built up over it over the years.
This is the lowest part of the creek, I dug out a big shallow pool to hold water before it overflows and goes off to the neighbours place. 
The little birds are very interested in what's happened, here we have a couple of robins checking out the ponds, maybe looking for insects.
Although the new banks are still largely just dirt, there is the start of grass regrowing and the obligatory weeds, plus little groups of teeny tiny fungi at the base of the old trees.  I am so happy!!!
On a totally irrelevant note, I am filled with knitting pride, I've finished my first sock, AND it fits!!  It's really warm and really comfortable and currently I am walking around with just that one sock on, one warm foot, one cold foot ha ha.  And number two sock is already on the needles, go me!

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  1. Great job with the creek Dy. I'm also impressed with your sock and the quilt that I can see.
    I didn't enjoy some of the footy, it seemed spiteful and that's not how we play. Feral was the word that I used.