Sunday, 7 June 2015

Calculation Annihilation

Our friend Tony kindly let me use a couple of his photos from his visit last weekend, thanks Tony.  I had to comment further on our lunch at Boston Brewery, which as you all know, is the best place in the world to pop in for a delicious lunch.  Here we are, with the boys enjoying their paddles of beer, this is the way to sample Boston's current range.  Their favourite was an English mild style beer, malty and delicious apparently.  I wouldn't know, I had my halo on and drank water.  I really did.
The need for further comment on the visit was this.  I notice Tony's photo is a bit shaky, hardly surprising, we were all gobsmacked and shaking with anticipation when this arrived.  After knocking off a delicious steak each, we all ordered lemon tart for dessert, but as the price for 3 tarts was dearer than a platter that also contains 3 lemon tarts, the boss Al, took it upon himself to give us the platter  instead.  Holy guacamole!  We all slid our spoons into the shiny yellow tarts, surprised at the crunch of the exterior (thin layer of perhaps white chocolate, with a shiny, fruity, lemony coating), then found the luscious lemony custard, meringue and pastry base inside.  We all stared at each other, eyes boggling, as we experienced something akin to perfection.  OMG, it was sensational!  Then we sampled their macarons, brownie and gelati that were also on the platter, nice but nothing came close to those amazing tarts.  Nanna naps were in order for us all on our return home!
The guys from ThinkWater in Albany came and connected up all the equipment to suck the water from the bore hole automatically.  After a couple of minor hiccups the system is up and running.  Down the hole, above the submersible pump that is 46 metres down, are three sensors, to tell the controller whether to pump the water or not.  The lowest sensor, a metre above the pump, is the emergency cut off one, so water always sits higher than the pump thus not stuffing it up by exposing it to the air.  The other two sensors are sitting at about 30 metres and 42 metres down the hole, so when the water in the hole fills to the top sensor, the pump starts sending water to the tank, and the pump stops when the water in the hole gets down to the second sensor at 42 metres down.  Clear as mud?
So, the pump is coming on about 10 times a day for about 15 minutes at a time.  The fill rate of the borehole is fairly slow, the luck of the draw in drilling boreholes, but the system is pumping about 3000 litres a day into the tank, which will be plenty for our small hobby farm needs. There is a float system in the tank so when it is full the bore pump stops.  Apparently, as the bore is so deep, the amount won't change with the seasons.   It will be so good to have this water into the summer, it's like a TimTam tank, just keeps on filling up.  Yay!
Things like this fantabulous lime tree will be very happy with the extra water in summer.  Of all the citrus, this tree is the king and queen, it has grown magnificently and is smothered in flowers and limes.  We've been drinking soda water with lime juice, very nice!
Steve has been busily measuring, calculating and recording what the bore pump has been doing, to build up a bigger picture of amounts of water.  He learned a valuable lesson the other night - never leave your paperwork on the table overnight - the ninja cat from hell considers this a fun game indeed - it's called Calculation Annihilation!
 We have just updated our ten year old audio/visual equipment.  Isn't this a daunting looking exercise!  I claim total dumbness in this regard and hand it over to the guru husband. 
This morning we saw the first emergence from the pouch of Patience's new joey, the one we've been calling Elf.  Not sure if we have a girl or a boy yet.
Elf sat there tentatively for a while then tried out those skinny, gangly, uncoordinated legs, wobbling all over the place before getting the hang of it and have a quick maniacal run around.  So cute.


  1. Dang it Dy... I'm going to have to jump on a plane right so I can experience this delight!

    1. :-)
      Pennie, you have no idea just how delicious they were, come on over!